About Dan

A native Oregonian, it is my pleasure to serve the Portland Area as a piano technician. I have over twelve years of full-time experience, and have been a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild since 2006.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the best technicians in the field as an apprentice and colleague in Cincinnati, OH, Raleigh, NC, and in the San Francisco Bay Area. My clients have included pianists of all skill levels, universities, churches, and performing arts organizations, including the San Francisco Opera. I have spent thousands of hours tuning and servicing pianos in homes, and in the rebuilding and restoration processes.

As a pianist and music aficionado, it is a joy to work with piano owners to help them get the most out of their instrument. In addition to conscientious care from a skilled piano technician, it is also helpful when the piano owner knows more about their instrument. To help with that, I am always happy to answer questions -- or serve as a tour guide -- and help everyone take steps to make sure their piano stays in top condition.

Most importantly, I love to play my piano. I have studied classical and jazz piano, and have performed as a soloist and in group settings. I understand how important it is to have an instrument that is responsive to your musical personality, and look forward to working with you to make your piano its best.


Training and Experience



University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, MM in Music History, 2003

Portland State University, BA in Music, 1999


Piano Technician Training

Attended Yamaha Little Red Schoolhouse (intensive technical training), May 2010

Training at Schimmel Piano Factory, Braunschweig, Germany, 2006

Qualified as Registered Piano Technician (RPT) in the Piano Technicians Guild, 2006

Apprenticeship with Richard Ruggero, RPT, Raleigh, NC, 2004-2006

Apprenticeship with Nevin Essex, RPT, Cincinnati, OH, 2002-04


Professional Experience

Piano Technician at Callahan Piano Service, Oakland, CA, 2007-14

Piano Technician at Ruggero Piano, Raleigh, NC, 2004-07


My regular piano service includes a tuning and pitch correction, pedal adjustment, and an inspection of the action. Small adjustments, repairs, and light voicing may also be included as required.

I can also make recommendations for more thorough work if the piano needs it. Besides tuning, pianos periodically need to be regulated and voiced to maintain their ideal feel and tone. The regulation process includes more than twenty mechanical adjustments that can be made to each key in a grand piano. This ensures that the piano is efficiently translating the energy from your fingers into tone from the strings.

The voicing process focuses on the hammers of the piano -- shaping, softening, hardening, and fitting them to the strings with the goal of evening the tone of the piano. Regulation and voicing together can be transformational to the piano making it a joy to play, and making each tuning sound better longer.

I also install Dampp-Chaser piano climate control systems, and am trained in servicing the Yamaha Disklavier player system.

Tuning and Pitch Correction -- $150*

First-time Service** -- $185*

Service Call or Evaluation -- $75

Hourly -- $75

Regulation and Voicing -- Hourly Rate

*New pricing for all appointments scheduled after 09/01/18

**Assumes piano may not have been regularly serviced. Additional fee may be waived at my discretion if extra service is unnecessary.





Phone: (503) 803-3383              

Email: dan.neises@gmail.com              

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015


I’ve found a doctor for my piano. Dan is a down to earth, straightforward piano technician who knows his job inside and out. He treated my second hand Yamaha as if it were a new Steinway, and after tuning and regulation, I could play a ppp with ease. I was impressed with his professionalism, easy going manner, and caring attitude.
— Sue E. Bohlin, composer
Dan is a gifted Piano Technician. My piano was damaged badly in a flood and after having it restored it had lost its wonderful sound. Dan came over and brought it back to life and I believe it now sounds better than ever. He always takes pain-staking care over the tuning and voicing. Dan is a talented pianist who really understands my needs. I particularly appreciate his ability to adjust the voicing to my personal taste; it seems he can adjust the sound anywhere from more strident, more bell-like to softer and more muted. Dan is well informed on diverse subjects ranging from performers and instruments to historical temperaments and tuning techniques, and I always enjoy our discussions.
— Trevor Davies, Walnut Creek
Dan was the finest piano technician I’ve had in over 50 years! What most distinguishes Dan from the >dozen technicians I’ve used is that Dan is not just a technician. He is an artist for whom “tuning” is only one facet of servicing a piano. A gifted pianist himself, Dan’s tuning elicits the purest and most beautiful tonal quality from each key. At the same time, he achieves a consistency of tonal quality throughout the keyboard. Unlike other technicians, Dan’s tuning does not result in random keys whose sounds are either strident or dull regardless of when, or how, one depresses the key. Northern California pianists have lost a trusted advisor and true artist. Love and appreciate Dan as we have, and always will!
— Ayleen Lee, Palo Alto